Terms + Conditions


The Workflow Guru
Service Agreement Terms

Ownership of Product

1.     Ownership of Work Product.  The Workflow Guru agrees that any and all Work Product (as defined below) shall be the sole and exclusive property of Client upon receipt of the full project fee. The Workflow Guru hereby irrevocably assigns to Client all right, title and interest worldwide in and to any deliverables specified in a Project Assignment (“Deliverables”), and to any ideas, concepts, processes, discoveries, developments, formulae, information, materials, improvements, designs, artwork, content, software programs, other copyrightable works, and any other work product created, conceived or developed by The Workflow Guru (whether alone or jointly with others) for Client during or before the term of this Agreement, including all copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights therein (the “Work Product”).  The Workflow Guru retains no rights to use the Work Product and agrees not to challenge the validity of Client’s ownership of the Work Product.

Privacy and data protection

All data held is private and will be protected under the data protection act. All software used will meet security standards. In the event of termination of services, the company's data will be returned via file transfer and deleted after 2 weeks. 


The Workflow Guru will not disclose the name of the client unless given permission from the client. If permission has been granted The Workflow Guru will obtain a Testimonials and reference the client in marketing materials.

Payment Terms

The Workflow Guru requires payment in full in advance of consultation services. Services can be paid online via Credit Card. 

Representations and Warranties

The Workflow Guru represents and warrants that: (a) the Services shall be performed in a professional manner and in accordance with the industry standards and the Work Product shall comply with the requirements set forth in the applicable Project Assignment, (b) Work Product will be an original work of The Workflow Guru, (c) The Workflow Guru has the right and unrestricted ability to assign the ownership of Work Product to Client (including without limitation the right to assign the ownership of any Work Product created by The Workflow Guru’s employees or contractors), (d) neither the Work Product nor any element thereof will infringe upon or misappropriate any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, right of publicity or privacy, or any other proprietary right of any person, whether contractual, statutory or common law.